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The Beautiful Faces of Super Natural Lipstick


Ariel LaBelle

Supernatural lipstick speaks love, in every way. From the all natural and organic ingredients, to the beautiful affirmations that go along with each one. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, and will bring a smile to not only your face, but also your heart. I cannot recommend these enough!

My favorite lipstick!


What a service your have done for the planet to create such a High vibrating lip-stick line from Food, and organic wonders! it’s only been a few days and already my lips are remarkable changed.. Soft , full and happy… Who would of thought to use Beets and stuff to color lipsticks! Brilliant!— Hope you sell a million….
Lovin’ my ravishing lipstick, because I am RAVISHING!
I recommend Super Natural Lips–Fiona is so meticulous about what she puts in and on her body and so knowledgable about the industry, I feel confident that this lipstick is the healthiest product I can by. Plus the colors are great
Andrea Beaman, CHHC & Chef:
“It’s comforting to know there is natural lipstick available that does not contain harsh chemicals.”
Michelle McInnis
It is the best, creamy lipsticks I have ever bought! Moisturizes your lips, but the color is amazing!!!! Listen to the radio show and learn about how Super Natural Lips are the best natural lipsticks for your lips Get The Best Tips From Health Coach Fiona Barrett!
Michelle Pierson
Even if you don’t typically wear lipstick try Super Natural Lips: many fabulous women have tried & love their lipstick experience read more here from Loving Michelle Pierson
I LOVE the I Am Loving color! Never rocked lipstick much before because of all the harmful chemicals. But now I sport it just about everyday because it’s natural and looks great. And it stays on extremely well. So grateful that you had the passion to create these!

the perfect red

When examining my life I gravitate towards metaphors. Somehow these tangible comparison allows me to understand the intangible reality of my life better.

Take the following example. I’ve been searching for the perfect red lipstick for ages. This might seem like a non-brainer to some, trust me that it’s not a cut and dry endeavour.
Rocking red lips is a bold makeup move. Lips become front & centre, so they’d better tell a good story. Red is so powerful it can throw your whole face (& beyond) off if you’re mis-rouged.
Getting the perfect shade of red is just half the story. The next part is getting a shade of red that I’d actually want to touch my lips. Most lipsticks are made with the grossest toxic ingredients. I don’t want that stuff in my auric field, let alone touching me.
And then there’s that nasty statistic that the average woman eats 4-7 lbs of lipstick over a lifetime. EW. That statistic, strangely, isn’t enough for me to stop using lip goo, but it will make me WAY more careful about what lipstick I’m going to eat.
Finding a non-toxic, organic version of the perfect red? I’ve been searching and experimenting for years. And today I found it. Actually, it found me.
A friend of mine (Taylor) gifted me some makeup of her friend Fiona’s up and coming organic makeup line Super Natural Lips. It arrived in the mail some months ago, and I finally received it upon returning home for some down time. I tried one of her ravishing shades and knew. The search was over.
And this simple act of applying lipstick made me wonder about all the other things I’ve been searching for, hoping it would be just right – perfect, I reflected on how those things or people or experiences might just come to me when I’m not even thinking about it. One relaxing day I’ll just open myself to the experience and there it will be. Exactly what I wanted. No compromise.
The perfect shade of red is what happens when I’m busy trying to be my best and not focusing on getting or having.
Here’s to realizing (& recognizing) all my perfect shade of red moments.

Please Note: Super Natural Lips are not for everyone, if you do not love this high vibration natural product we still value your opinion so we can learn & refine for future.To give a balanced perspective we share all reviews here about Super Natural Lips.

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